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Nia and Ageless Grace Classes in Charlotte, North Carolina

"Photograph provided by Nia Technique ("

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Ageless Grace News

Discover Health and wellness with Ageless Grace...ageless workout for most anyone of any age, shape and fitness level! Mostly done seated in a chair. It's never to early or to late for us all to age gracefully.

Why, You ask?

Sitting puts everyone on the same playing field know matter if you are in a wheel chair, a child, over weight or healing a place in your body, but still having the doctors permission to exercise. Even the physically healthy person can enjoy participating in an Ageless Grace class and benefit greatly! The chair is just a vehicle that allows you to discover that you can have more fun moving even a chair!

Come and discover Ageless Grace and have the time of you life dancing, moving, healing, visualizing, playing all while receiving a great workout. Read more about Ageless Grace!

Ageless Grace offers continued life long fitness for any one of any age, shape, ability and even those with a physical or mental disability can benefit from these life long tool and workout.

Ageless Grace is done mostly in a chair to allow everyone to work on the same playing field.

"I never thought I could sweat so much while sitting and moving in a chair