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Nia and Ageless Grace Classes in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Gratitude and Appreciation Forever!

Nia classes began with Sherrie Flack in Orlando back in May of 2008.Know one in Orlando had heard of Nia, maybe it was just a handful. It took some time to grow Nia and for those who found Nia and discovered that Nia is more than a workout and as they connected with each class they attended.

Students connected with moving their bodies, in their body's way. This is what Nia teaches. What an amazing gift to see students moving and enjoying an exercise class as they discovered, healed, explored and learned.

As we age, it is important to continue to use our brains and learn something new. Using the right brain and using the left. Strengthening, building and exercising the muscle of our brains, coordination skills. You can move fast, you can move slow. What an amazing journey teaching in Orlando has been. It has been an amazing adventure! As Nia was a New-to-Me-Skill. I continued to learn and grow in my Nia practice each time I stepped into my own class and even today as I write you in 2011 I still learn each time I step into a Nia class. Not just my own classroom, any Nia class I choose to step into.

Nia was beginning to take root in Orlando. Classes were beginning to grow. Students were connecting and a small Nia community was born. Although, Nia was in its infancy Nia students greeted Nia with open arms. Even if it was just to sample, to get a taste of "What This Nia Thing is All About." A Nia seed was planted, another Nia seed has been planted. Now, many Nia seeds have been planted.

I desired and prayed for a Nia instructor to join me in sharing and building Nia in Orlando. Don't get me wrong there are white belts in Orlando who have taken the Nia training. They're out there, I've met them and they're wonderful people.
Nia in Orlando has just celebrated its Nia 3rd Year Anniversary. How the time has flown by that is truly unbelievable. Students are coming to Nia classes, they are connecting. Nia is growing in Orlando, Florida, How amazing! Even a few visits from out of state people and even Nia visitors from another country. Much gratitude and love to those whom have came to join us in a Nia class in Orlando, Florida!

Much gratitude and love to the space that was given. Thank you to those locations that have given Nia an opportunity to grow in the area. Thank you to: The Center for Contemporary Dance, The Winter Park Library, Mindful Body of Maitland, Casselberry Recreation Center and Mark Street Senior Center. Thank you to all the Nia students whom have come out and given Nia a try for the first time. Thank you to the students that continued to come to Nia class over the years. Thank you to those who have supported me from when I just began my Nia journey. Thank you to those whom have stepped in and found Nia just before me moving. Celebrate, the time we have shared together and REMEMBER you have planted a Nia seed too. You have been a part of this Nia journey. Thank you!

I feel some emotion it is May 27, 2011 as the time draws closer for my family and I to head to North Carolina. Nia classes have come to a pause as of Thursday, May 26, 2011. My family and I are scheduled to move the end of June. Feeling emotion of what and who I am leaving behind. A community of wonderful Nia people.

When I first began teaching Nia, it was a New-to-Me-Skill. I thought if know one comes to Nia class there is no Nia. I worried about numbers. I wondered, "What was wrong?" Little did I know I needed to learn some lessons of my own. To be in RAW. Relaxed, Alert and Waiting.......and when the time came when I was ready to receive, they came. They stepped in and people came and they even stayed. I'm feeling emotion as I am leaving those Nia students behind. I made a huge discovery along the way. If there is no Nia students, there is no Nia. If there is no Nia instructor, there is no Nia. If there is no Us, there is no Nia. What a discovery that is. I always thought I would be living in Orlando and never thought of not being present. How true it is, without Us there is no Nia. I feel emotion as I will be the one leaving....Feeling happy and sad all at the same time.

Another Nia sister and I have connected and she has shared that she had desired for a Nia instructor to come and help her build Nia in the NC area. Her strong desire must has brought me to North Carolina? My husbands job has brought us to NC, so I am heading to the NC area and I know in Natural Time I will teach Nia classes again, but until then I will enjoy this time I have been given. May- be to be a Nia student example?

Sherrie's Prayer for Whomever?
My desire and prayer is that someone steps forward to continue the work in Orlando that has started. I look forward to coming to Orlando for a visit and joining your Nia class as a student. Know, that I am just an email away and all you have to do is email me. Know that there is a Nia community close by. A Nia community in Sarasota and Saint Petersburg, Florida. Nia in Florida is growing for sure. Come and grow Nia in Orlando.

Wishing Nia continued blessings for its future. Nia is not over, it has just come to a gentle pause...............Nia will Orlando, Florida.

Much Love and Gratitude,

April 30, 2010

Dear AppasioNia's,

It's hard to believe May is here already with many exciting things happening this month.

I would like to begin by sharing my gratitude to those who have come into my life to assist me on my journey and those whom shall come in the future. I have learned a lot from you and I still have much to learn. Thank you for our time together!

Thank you to the Mayflower seniors who have come into my life and taught me that seniors of the age of 80, 90+ enjoy Nia too! Thank you for the time we have shared together.

A special thank you to Joanne for assisting me over the months at the Mayflower Retirement Community. Your help and assistance has been greatly appreciated!

Thank you to those who have shared your time with The Center for Contemporary Dance volunteering at there performances on weekends. Your assistance was and is always appreciated! Thank you for giving your time to the Arts.

Thank you for the many spaces, locations and opportunities that have come our way to grow Nia in the Orlando area.

Thank you new students for coming and giving Nia a try!

Thank you to all who have connected with Nia and continue to come to class for many reasons like: fun, friendship, fitness, learning, healing and continued growing!

Lots of love and healing to those who have not come yet due to healing their bodies or are out now healing their bodies at the present time!

Love to those whom spend much of their time taking care and assisting others. You have so much love to give to those around you!

Thank you to those who have come into my life for a short time, you have given me an opportunity to learn and grow!

Thank you to those who attend Nia classes here and there and attend Nia Events. I look forward to connecting with you again in the future!

Many blessings to those who have come to try Nia and have found that Nia is not for them, but you are open to Nia finding its way into your heart in the future!

Happy Mother's Day to all those who are Mother's and all woman who have given their time, love and have been an example to children over the years. It takes a village to raise a child. Thank you for sharing and caring for others!

Many blessing to everyone!

Know that the door is always open for you to come NOW and in the future!           


Follow Your Heart and Your Spirit!
 It's up to you to take the first step!

   Whatever you desire can be yours!

Visualize your desires!

   Now, move forward on your path!

Mahatma Gandhi