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Nia and Ageless Grace Classes in Charlotte, North Carolina

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About Us

Mission Statement
With the principles of Mind Body Dance Fitness For Personal Enrichment, everyone can reach their full potential in life. Through nurturing one's total body with personal love, enriching healthy foods, meditation, and movement-you can achieve your desires in life with the power that each one of us possesses. With a total commitment to yourself, anything is possible. You are the one that sets your boundaries in life. There are no limitations in life except the limitations we place on ourselves. Come and discover your whole body’s potential and begin to enjoy life again!

Company history

Mind Body Dance Fitness For Personal Enrichment was founded and started in 2009, by Jan and Sherrie. They chose to create this website in order to show others that transformation is possible for all of us, if we choose.
Picture taken Nov 2013

Jan and Sherrie had each gained 40-60 lbs. of excess weight over the years.  Sherrie was highly addicted to sugar, sweet tea, soda, pies, cakes, and cookies. You name it, she ate it! An addiction to sugar is one thing I have to be aware of
every single day..says Sherrie. It would be so easy to step into the way I use to eat. I can not have a pie in my home or ice cream in my home. Just knowing there is more makes my body crave more the next day and the next day. I feel better when I treat myself to a smoothie instead, Sherrie adds. Jan and Sherrie both realized that their future health could be in jeopardy if they continued on this path of sugar, overeating, and choosing an unhealthy lifestyle.

They both chose to make a change in their lives, removing sugar and unhealthy carbohydrates from their diet. They began eating a more healthy and well-balanced diet of fish, chicken and fresh fruits, nuts, beans and fresh vegetables. Occasionally they would enjoy whole grain pasta and whole grain bread. They added exercise into their daily lives and they have both lost weight. Now, they both look and feel younger and have more energy.

They are true believers of healthy eating in order to enrich the total mind, body and spirit so the entire body system can work in harmony and at its full potential, the way that nature intended it to perform. A total mind and body transformation is possible for all who choose it with the use of proper nutrition, meditation and exercise you enjoy.

Sherrie attended the Nia White Belt Training in May of 2008 and then began her Nia journey bringing Nia to the Orlando, Florida area from 2008 until May 2011. Nia was new to the Central Florida area so Sherrie decided to rent space from other mind-body-dance-health and fitness owners who were open to sharing their space with her. Sherrie was open to other opportunities from locations such as: public libraries, senior centers that had space available and wanted to share Nia with their community. This arrangement gave her the time needed to nurture, feed and grow Nia and a community over time in the Orlando area.

Sherrie enjoyed introducing and sharing her Nia knowledge and experience with those interested in an alternative to the standard workout that currently existed in this area. When beginning her Nia teaching in 2008 her dream was to grow a Nia community in the Central Florida area.

In October of 2010 Sherrie was informed by her husband that a move may take place in the near future. In June 2011 Sherrie, Jan and their daughter Melissa made the move to North Carolina.
It saddened Sherrie to leave her Nia students behind in Orlando, Florida, but she is looking forward to what is to come in the Carolina's. Sherrie has learned so much from those who have connected with her over the years and wishes to thank everyone who has stepped into her life and supported her along the way.

Nia has not ended in the Orlando area, Nia has just come to a gentle pause......until the next Nia instructor steps forward to continue the work that was started. If you are interested in becoming a Nia instructor you can find out more information at and click on Training at the top of the page or contacting Sherrie personally via email or by phone.

Are you looking for Nia classes in Charlotte, NC or Fort Mill, SC?

Sherrie Flack is currently sharing Nia classes at the following locations...

Gold Hill YMCA 1785 Gold Hill Road Fort Mill, SC 29708

Move Studio Charlotte 1111 Hawthorne Lane Charlotte, NC.
Click on the link to view the current class schedule.
Nia Class Schedule

Are you looking for Ageless Grace classes in Charlotte, NC?

Ageless Grace classes are currently being offered at Sugaw Creek Presbyterian Church 101 W Sugar Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28213.
Click on the link to view the current class schedule. Ageless Grace Class Schedule


Jan and Sherrie are strong believers in getting yearly checkups and following doctor's recommendations. Sherrie asks that anyone who desires to participate in any fitness program consult with their doctor first before taking part.

Company history

Sherrie is a Certified Licensed Nia Blue Belt Instructor, Ageless Educator, Beginner Tia Chi For Health Teacher and MELT Hand and Foot Instructor and also holds a current CPR certification. Over the years, she has taken various classes as an adult in Belly Dance, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Duncan Dance, Ballet, Ballroom, Dance Fitness, Tae Kwon Do, Kick Boxing, Yoga, Line Dancing, Beginner Tai Chi for Health and Alexander Technique classes-all of which helps her to show versatility when she’s moving and teaching Nia classes or participating in events with-in the Charlotte Conscious Dance Meetup Group.

Sherrie is always on the lookout for an exciting new class experience in a great variety of movement, dance, fitness modalities.
She also enjoys dancing to the beat of live drums and other sounds of various instruments and moving to the music.