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Nia and Ageless Grace Classes in Charlotte, North Carolina

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Are you tired of being tired? Do you lack pep, energy, or lack a desire to grab life by the horns and go for all the gusto that you can? Do you become exhausted by just getting off the couch to grab the TV remote? Are you bored out of your gourd???

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, your life may need a change in direction, a new way of looking at your daily existence. You may need an exciting new experience that could possibly help transform your health, mind, and your spiritual well being.

Join a community of people who may have had those thoughts themselves. The Mind Body Dance Fitness website was created to bring people together in community and to be a support system for individuals like yourself, who are desiring change in their lives. Transformation and change can occur at any age, and at any time of your life, and it usually happens when you least expect it. It does not have to take place when you have hit rock bottom. The time to seek change may be the first time you realize that what you've been doing just ain't workin' for ya any more. Maybe one night you awake from a deep sleep, you sit up in bed, you cock your head to the side, like your dog does sometimes, and you go...hmmm?

There is no better time than the present to start anew and start enjoying life again!



                                                                                                                                                                                                        Nia Jam Cornwell Center Sept 2011

Use this site to find Nia classes and Events, Ageless Grace classes and Events and Charlotte Conscious Dance Community Meetup and Events and MELT Hand and Feet classes near you. Meet and enjoy moving, dancing and healing with like minded people in and around the Charlotte NC area! There's know better time.. than the present time!

Are you looking to lose weight?  Are you looking to exercise your brain in order to keep your mind sharp?  Do you desire continued health and want a healthy body?  Are you looking for a fun fitness class that can change your life forever? Do you enjoy dancing and when you leave.. Do you desire to come back for more? Are you looking for a program that helps keep your joints mobile as you age? Are you longing to make changes in your life? Are you feeling like something’s missing from your life?

Visit this website often if you're interested in staying connected to future CommUnity events, workshops, playshops, Nia Jams, Ageless Grace events, Charlotte Conscious Dance Community events,  training's, special offers, charity events, day trips and event photo's.

Visit our CommUnity/Events Page, Nia News Page, Ageless Grace News Page and MELT Hand and Foot Page for up-to-date monthly info.

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"I use to be overweight! I carried a sad attitude! I felt like a victim! But, not anymore! I chose a different path for myself than the one I was on many years ago. With the wonderful choices I've made over the years, I have transformed my total mind, body and spirit. I am continuing my path of transformation due to the way my mind, body and spirit feel. My outlook on life has made a 180-degree turnaround, and I am choosing to continue my journey of self-discovery!

"You can choose a path of discovery and transform yourself too, just like a caterpillar changes into a butterfly!"

"The first step is making the decision to move forward and not look back to where you've been. Read more about my journey and transformation."

                                  Sherrie Flack
                           Mind Body Dance Fitness

                                    407 489-2561

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